Friday, November 27, 2020
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Annual job fair featuring 30 companies open today in Spain’s Andalucia

On Wednesday about thirty companies set out their stalls at the Plaza de la Merced, offering around 102 jobs.

FOUND: British woman missing on Costa del Sol for almost seven weeks safe after ‘sleeping rough’

But Marie McManus still needs your help to find a job and get back on her feet

Spanish father offers €5,000 reward for finding his son a job

One Zaragoza father took matters into his own hands by placing an advert in a local paper to get his 39-year-old a job

Spanish job advert demands big-breasted barmaids

The bar owner came under fire for the job advert demanding big-breasted beauties only

Spain’s austerity and unemployment inspires new UK play

“This is a war, us against them, the rich, the greedy: the ones that got us into this mess.”

€300 monthly for Spanish businesses that hire unemployed youth

New measures to combat growing job crisis

When getting a job really is a lottery!

Construction companies forced into a lottery to win lucrative castle contract in Priego de Cordoba

Spain’s jobless must mind their language

Out of work Spaniards are going back to school to brush up on their language skills to help secure a job