4 Sep, 2015 @ 15:08
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Spanish father offers €5,000 reward for finding his son a job

Spain's unemployment figures dropped by 100,000 in June,THESE are hard times.

And although Spain is rising from the ashes of the crisis, unemployment sits at 23% which represents some five million out of work.

One Zaragoza father took matters into his own hands by placing an advert in a local paper to get his son, 39, a job.

The retired lawyer’s post in the Heraldo de Aragon read: “Pensioner offers €5,000 to a firm that will employ his unemployed son who is qualified, responsible, hard-working and has a good professional record.”

20 firms responded to the advert, and the son, who is a father of one, who was initially ‘ashamed’, later thanked his father.

“Before, we pensioners helped out with our grandchildren, but now unfortunately we have to look after our children as well,” the Zaragoza man said.

Iona Napier

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  1. This idea will never pay off, simply because the firm that eventually takes on this individual will always have staff who will say the person bought their way into the job. When the father said “…and has a good professional record” that record would seemingly end at that point.

  2. There we are Fred, perhaps he should have taken a course in plumbing, bricklaying or as an electrician.

    The retired lawyer’s post in the Heraldo de Aragon read: “Pensioner offers €5,000 to a firm that will employ his unemployed son who is qualified, responsible, hard-working and has a good professional record.”

    • Bribery is not the same as headhunting. Headhunting is the company independently seeking out a candidate, tempting them with higher salaries and perks. This is a monumental difference.

  3. So throwing someone a bung to get their kid a job is now known as giving a ‘reward’ in Spain. Then making the idea so public that it is written about in the newspapers is absolutely no problemo either. Am I the only one to think that the Spanish live on a different plain of existence than everyone else on planet Earth??

  4. This happens thousands of times a day by the job agency’s it is just not shouted about so you can add the UK as living on a different plain of existence than everyone else on planet Earth??

  5. Employment agencies go around paying companies large amounts of cash to employ prospective candidates? Wow, these agencies must be immensely profitable!

    I think you speak bollox Mr Lightfoot…

  6. Having spent many years contracting I have seen the “Free” golf days out, flying lessons etc etc. You are more the fool to believe it only happens in Spain. It happens anywhere there is money.

  7. Don’t see it like that. The father has taken the position as an agent and the agent is looking for a position for his client as most agents do. As for the money side, well, it happens all the time in business. Join a Lodge, scratch my back and i’ll scratch yours. What did it say, his father is a Lawyer.

  8. Jacko, headhunting is not bribery because the two parties are independent of each other. Headhunters are consultants who approach individuals because they have unique talents and skills. The headhunter (an independent company) is paid a fee by their client to find such individuals, and their task is to offer the eventual candidate better working conditions and/or salary, or both. Contrast that with this case, where the father is offering a company a reward to employ their son, effectively bribing them to employ him. The son should stand on his own merits. You have misunderstood the concept entirely. No company is actively seeking out the son because he’s not employed to begin with.

  9. Fred, there are people, individuals, continuously registered on the books of headhunters who are continuously seeking clients requiring a particular talent or skill. There are many agents doing this, similar to estate agents who possibly share the commission and when a particular position has been found bribery comes into play “cause the headhunters have a family and overheads to meet” and tries to entice the individual from one position to another. Call it what you will but it’s a form of bribery. If you read the article the son was ashamed at what his father had done but has received 20 enquirers and possibly no money will be exchanged depending if the person in question meets the clients demands. A decent firm or company most probably would not be interested in £5K and not sure what profession or qualification the person has and again not sure if they have the same system in Spain regarding headhunters, possibly not or the father would not have gone to such extremes. We both have a different view on this, you stick to yours and i’ll stick to mine.

  10. Jacko, what headhunter do you know who is the father of the person he’s trying to get a job for? lol. No, this case has nothing in common with headhunting at all; it’s merely a desperate father trying to get his unemployed son a job by attempting to bribe an employer to take him on. Period.

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