SPAIN’S public broadcaster, RTVE, is trying to find out whether one of its employees made sexist remarks before a telecast of a women’s football match last Sunday (May 16).

RTVE cameras covered the La Liga Primera Division clash between Real Madrid and Eibar for the Teledeporte channel.

Pre-match footage was somehow recorded and posted to a social media site.

The video involved audio picked up by a microphone with a man talking to somebody called Jorge.

The man said: “Jorge, nothing…they do not have to play. They should be banned from doing it. These ‘feminazis’ who want equality…….”

RTVE emphasised that the comments were never transmitted on Teledeporte or any of its streams because they were a test.

They did admit though that the feed was made available for international distribution, which is probably how the pre-match recording made it onto social media.

RTVE stated that an ‘internal investigation had been opened to see if any of their staff had made the unforgivable macho comments’.

The broadcaster added that the remarks could have come from somebody with no ties to them.

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