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Alleged right-wing extremist Kristofer Kearney, who was extradited to the UK from Spain, enters guilty pleas

AN ALLEGED right-wing British extremist who used to live in Spain’s Alicante has admitted to a UK court that he shared a stash of...

Alleged far-right extremist Kris Kearney who was extradited from Spain’s Costa Blanca to Britain denies ‘disseminating terrorist publications’

AN alleged right wing British extremist who set up home in Alicante before being extradited to the UK has denied disseminating terrorist publications . Kristofer...

Speaking at Davos, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez issues warning about far-right parties

SPANISH Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez used his platform at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Tuesday to warn against allowing far-right political parties...

Schoolteacher in Spain’s Mallorca gets death threats after demanding students remove Spain flag from classroom

A SCHOOLTEACHER in the Balearic island of Mallorca has been receiving death threats after she ordered a class of students to remove a Spain...

Far-right Vox party gets first taste of regional government power in Spain

THE far-right Vox party has achieved its first foothold in running a regional government in Spain after it secured a coalition deal on Thursday...

Blow for Pedro Sanchez socialists as far-right Vox party gets big boost in regional elections in Spain’s Castilla y...

FAR-RIGHT party Vox won 13 seats in yesterday's Castilla y Leon regional elections which will make it kingmaker in a Partido Popular-led coalition. The PSOE...

Spain’s Vox wants to extend citizenship waiting period to 15 years for British expats

SPAIN'S far-right Vox political party has proposed a bill to the Spanish Congress that would see citizenship through residency take 15 years instead of the current...

Far right leader Tommy Robinson flees England to set up new life as immigrant in Spain

FAR-RIGHT activist and former jail bird Tommy Robinson is thought to have moved to Spain. Robinson – real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – has revealed he...

Spain’s far right Vox party slammed for introducing ‘parental veto’ in schools to stop children attending sex education and...

Parents are also campaigning to have the policy lifted, calling it absurd

EXCLUSIVE: Gibraltar Chief Minister Fabian Picardo reveals his views on abortion and far right Vox threat

“If you are progressive, like me, and you're rebellious like me, you want to see these things happen”

Grenade thrown into migrant children’s centre in Spain that was previously targeted by far right Vox party

The Vox leader said the centre's North African residents are ‘unsafe’ for local people

Far right party Vox enters petty row with Spain’s biggest pop star Rosalia after she said ‘f*** Vox’ during...

Vox has campaigned on a platform of anti-immigration and pledged to repeal gender-based violence laws

Spain’s far right Vox party wins most votes in Murcia at Spanish General Election

Turnout at the general election, which was narrowly won by the PSOE, was only 73.53%, three percentage points down from the April elections

Polls close for Spain general election with socialist PSOE set for slim win and far right anti-immigrant Vox predicted...

Voter turnout was last calculated at 6pm, when it was put at 56.8%, four points lower than on April 28

OPINION: Predictions that Spain’s far right Vox party could become kingmakers in today’s elections are worrying for expats and...

In 2016, their current leader controversially unfurled a giant Spanish flag on the rock of Gibraltar, an act he was willing to be arrested for

‘UNITY AND STRENGTH’: With Brexit and Vox on horizon, SDGG’s Richard Buttigieg says Rock stands ‘together’ on Gibraltar National...

“These are the very traits that our forefathers had to rely on to overcome what were extremely difficult years during the frontier closure of 1969”

SIR JOE BOSSANO: Spain’s far-right Vox party spells trouble for Gibraltar border

The party, led by former military officer, Santiago Abascal, has consistently been critical of what it sees as Britain’s ‘colonisation’ of the Rock

RISE OF THE RIGHT: How the rhetoric of Vox risks normalising violence

After a dangerous neo-Nazi was captured in Mallorca, the Olive Press investigates the growing threat from far right terror in Spain and abroad

WATCH: Feminists camp outside Andalucian parliament to protest FAR-RIGHT support of new government HUNDREDS of feminist activists have gathered at the Andalucian parliament to protest against the far-right supported government being sworn in. Juanma Moreno of the PP...

FAR-RIGHT: Vox agrees coalition deal in Spain’s Andalucia to end 36-year Socialist rule

It marks the first time a far-right party has had a role in Spanish regional government since Franco died in 1975

Susana Diaz will NOT resign after historic losses to far-right Vox party in Andalucia

The local leader said she would take her seat, even if the opposition parties formed a coalition

ELECTION SHOCKER: Spain’s far-right party Vox win first ever seats in Andalucia as PSOE decimated

It is the first time a far-right Spanish political party has gained seats in a regional election since 1975, when General Franco's death brought the return of democracy

Fascist vandals paint Nazi swastikas on cultural centre in northern Spain

"We will continue to be profoundly antifascist and committed to the rights and freedoms"

‘MAKE SPAIN GREAT AGAIN’: Far right party in Spain attracts record 9,000 supporters at rally

An opinion poll suggested this week that Vox is painstakingly close to earning a seat in Congress

Spain MEP defends women in European Parliament sexism storm

MEP Iratxe Garcia Perez, of the PSOE, condemned far right Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke women were 'too weak, small and unintelligent' for equal pay




Spain’s tourism sector looking forward to bumper Easter break

SPAIN’S tourism sector is expecting to do big business this Easter, with forecasts suggesting that visitor numbers and spending will break records of recent...


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