THE far right Vox party has received the most votes in Murcia, taking three of the region’s 10 seats.

The November 10 Spanish General Election proved fruitful for Santiago Abascal’s party across the country.

But Murcia was the only autonomous community in which Vox emerged top, the party getting 199,440 votes.

Meanwhile, the conservative PP and left wing PSOE parties each took three seats, but achieved only 188,870 and 176,426 votes, respectively.

Vox Murcia
CELEBRATIONS: The Vox party celebrates its win in Murcia

The anti-austerity Podemos party also took a seat, keeping its head of the party list, Javier Sanchez Serna, in Parliament.

“In Murcia the reconquest begins,” head of the Vox regional list, Lourdes Mendez, shouted to the rest of her party, as members celebrated the win.

The centre-right Ciudadanos party, which had one of its worst ever elections failed to get a single seat in Murcia.

Its leader Albert Rivera has now resigned after the party picked up just 10 seats across the country.

Turnout at the general election, which was narrowly won by the PSOE, was only 73.53%, three percentage points down from the April elections.

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