A BRITISH man visiting family in his Spanish-plated car has been told to ‘f**k off back to Europe’ by a road rage driver in Dorset.

Ed French, 74, was making a 3-point turn in his Peugeot 5008 in Weymouth and ‘momentarily held up school traffic’ when the raging woman began shouting at him in Weymouth.

The Luton-born man said he was ‘shocked’ and presumed the woman thought he didn’t speak English, his native tongue, during the confrontation last October 24.

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EUROPEAN: British pensioner Ed French was in his red Peugeot when verbally abused by a woman in Dorset

“Anger is the only feeling I can come up with,” French, who has lived in Javea on the Costa Blanca for four years, told the Olive Press.

“I spent 24 years in the navy, and I just thought ‘you’ve got some cheek saying that to me’.”

French revealed it was the fourth time he and his wife have been verbally and physically abused for driving a Spanish-plated car in the UK.

He said during a summer family visit he parked outside his daughter’s house before a passerby spat at him for driving a European car.

“We try our best to stay clear of it,” French told the Olive Press.

French added he had gone the extra mile to abide by Spanish rules and change his UK registration to a Spanish one, before purchasing his left-hand drive Peugeot.


  1. WOW! Is that it? Is this what makes NEWS in that olive press rag? meanwhile, in the real world – we’ve got a general election in the UK, scottish separatism and raging floods. Get a grip of yer little shrivelled olives ffs

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