Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Spain takes a step closer to law that will ensure 40% of company boards are women 

THE SPANISH Cabinet has approved the second stage of a draft law that seeks to boost the presence of women in politics, business and...

Spain’s Ministry of Equality to launch app to find out if men and women do the same household chores

THE EQUALITY Ministry will launch an app that will register the time men and women spend doing housework. Spain’s State Secretary for Equality, Angela Rodriguez...

‘They edited out my prosthetic leg’: How Spain’s disastrous ‘body positive’ beach campaign went from bad to worse…And then...

EACH day has brought a further twist to the disastrous campaign launched by Spain’s Equality Ministry last week to promote body positivity on the...

Spain launches body positive campaign encouraging all women to enjoy the beach

SPAIN'S government has launched a summer campaign encouraging women to head to the beach no matter what their bodies look like. A slogan of 'Summer...

Mucho machismo: How sexist is Spain when it comes to women drivers?

More than half of women in Spain say they have been the target of chauvinistic statements about being bad drivers. A new survey reveals that...

Woman saved from abusive partner in Spain’s Barcelona after using ‘secret’ help signal

A man has been arrested in Barcelona after his partner alerted authorities using a secret hand signal to indicate she was being abused. The woman...

Spain extends free IVF treatment to single women, lesbians, bisexuals, and trans people

FREE IVF treatment has been extended in Spain to single women, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people. The order was signed this Friday by Health Minister,...

More than 300 foster families needed in Spain’s Malaga

MORE than 300 new foster parents are needed to cope with rising numbers of children trapped in long-term care in Malaga. The Regional Ministry of...

Men are overwhelmingly running Spain’s cultural sector and it shows, says new study

THE creative sector in Spain remains far from offering equal opportunities for women and men, a new study has suggested. An audit commissioned by...

WATCH: Feminists camp outside Andalucian parliament to protest FAR-RIGHT support of new government HUNDREDS of feminist activists have gathered at the Andalucian parliament to protest against the far-right supported government being sworn in. Juanma Moreno of the PP...

Single women and lesbians offered free fertility treatment in Spain

Spain has one of the lowest birth rates in Europe, with the number of deaths outnumbering births last year

Spain rejects paternity leave extension

Spain's Health Minister has decided against extending parental leave from two weeks to four

Standing up for equality: Nick Clegg supports Feminism

Nick Clegg shows his support for gender equality

Granada bar offers naked waitress in raffle

Anyone wanting a naked waitress for the night could´ve won one in a bar in Granada

Battle against domestic violence in the Axarquia

Committee meets to tackle the issue following a spike in reported incidents




REVEALED: The cheapest supermarkets in Spain that you’ve probably never heard of – and which regions have the lowest...

A MAJOR study has revealed the cheapest supermarkets in Spain, and the results may surprise you. The OCU, a leading consumer organisation, priced up...


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