MORE than 300 new foster parents are needed to cope with rising numbers of children trapped in long-term care in Malaga.

The Regional Ministry of Equality Delegation in Malaga with the support of associations such as Acogeles and Mejor en Familia (Better in a family), seek an alternative for the 320 children over the age of six who are currently growing-up in residential centres in the province.

Children born into families marked by violence, abuse or dramatic circumstances often face growing-up outside the essential margins of safety and affection.

Fostering provides a stable family life for children and young people, who are unable to live with their parents at a point in time.

Foster Care allows children the chance to thrive in a safe, secure, loving and caring home environment until the problem or difficulty that separates them from their biological family is solved.

The Regional Ministry of Equality in coordination with associations such as Infania and Mejor en Familia have launched a new awareness campaign focused on trying to invite new families or adults willing to give a home to these children in need.

Children in foster care are either looked after by foster families or sent to residential care centres.

In a residential centre, the basic care is covered by the technical staff, but a home environment allows the children to benefit from the closeness and stability that a family can offer them.

At present, 140 minors in Malaga–the majority under six years old–are being cared for in 131 foster families.

A total of 3,500 children and adolescents currently live in protection centres throughout Andalucia.

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