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What you need to know about the new driving fines set to come into force across Spain

PLANS to introduce five new traffic fines over the next few weeks have been given the green light.  The Congress of Deputies gave their seal...

UK fugitive hunted over death of woman, 36, faces extradition from Spain

A BRITISH fugitive wanted in connection with manslaughter is facing extradition from Spain after ten years on the run.  Officers captured Alison Gracey in Bizkaia...

Ryanair luggage rules over flight switches are ruled ‘unfair’ by the Supreme Court in Spain

SPAIN'S highest court has voided Ryanair rules permitting baggage to be sent on a flight other than that of the passenger. The Supreme Court backed...

Government responds as Spain’s first state of alarm declared unconstitutional

THE government has hit back after Spain's top court ruled that last year's strict coronavirus lockdown was unconstitutional. In a statement, the Minister of Justice...

Explainer: Euthanasia law in Spain comes into force

A NEW assisted suicide law came into effect on Friday, making Spain the fourth country in the European Union to legalise euthanasia.  Parliament gave final...

Benidorm court won’t grant interim joint custody for a dog as Civil Code changes are not yet law in...

A Benidorm judge has refused to grant an interim joint custody order for a pet dog because the Civil Code statutes have not changed...

Court orders man to pay back his dead wife’s inheritance in Spain because he found love again

A man has lost his dead wife's inheritance because he broke a promise not to have a relationship with another woman. A court in A...

No ‘Daddy Issues’ for Julio Iglesias as Spain’s Supreme Court rules against man claiming to be his illegitimate son

VETERAN performer Julio Iglesias does not have an illegitimate 44-year-old son according to the national Supreme Court. Javier Sanchez claimed that he was the son...

Barcelona threatens war against irresponsible electric scooter riders

ELECTRIC scooter owners may have their machines seized by authorities if they commit repeated offences against pedestrians or other car users under plans being...

Benidorm court to hear dog custody case involving separated Costa Blanca couple in Spain

A dispute over the custody of a pet dog will be settled by a Benidorm court. The news comes in a week when Spanish parliamentarians...

Rapper in controversial free-speech jailing is forcibly removed from university campus in Spain’s Catalunya

SPANISH rapper Pablo Hasel was detained in Catalunya this morning(February 16) after a day-long stand off with police involving himself and dozens of his...

SUPREME COURT says newspaper was right to publish name and photo of abuser on Spain’s Costa Blanca

SPAIN'S highest legal body has backed the right of a newspaper to publish the full name of an abuser who beat up his girlfriend...

Woman who fell on pavement due to mulberry tree berries loses payout bid in Spain’s Valencia City

A WOMAN has lost her bid to get €20,000 in compensation after she slipped on a pavement covered with fallen berries. The case was rejected...

EXPLAINER: How to use the law in Spain against online trolls

IT is hard to accept that the internet, from which we derive so much benefit, should be so densely populated by individuals (‘trolls’) who...

Spanish Government approves draft law introducing tax on plastic waste, expected to raise €724 million

THE Government has approved a draft law introducing a tax on plastic waste.

‘Only Yes is Yes’, Spain set to get tough on rape laws

“Spain will be a safer country for women with the approval of this law”

Spain repeals law allowing businesses to fire staff if they have taken too many sick days

THE coalition government has repealed a law that allowed businesses to dismiss workers if they had accumulated too much medical leave.

A tangle of red tape in Spain’s holiday lettings sector is leading some landlords to take the law into...

Penalties could amount to €3,000 on average (and potentially up to 18k on this specific infringement and a rental ban of up to 6 months)

Number of mortgages registered in Spain takes 30% nosedive due to new law, which affects expats

The poor mortgage data has been blamed on Spain’s new property law, which was implemented this summer

Bank restrictions blamed after home loans plummet by 10% across Spain’s Andalucia

The regions of Andalucia where the greatest falls have been recorded were in Cordoba, Sevilla and Malaga

Over 1 million people in Spain sign petitions supporting euthanasia, to be put before Government on Friday

It comes after surveys have shown that 84% of Spain supports changing the legislation on euthanasia

Chaos ensues with new laws on Spanish mortgage loans, writes Lawbird’s Antonio Flores

Now imagine a foreign buyer who speaks no Spanish and a notary who speaks only Spanish and you have a deal-breaker

WATCH: Feminists camp outside Andalucian parliament to protest FAR-RIGHT support of new government

https://twitter.com/msoledadperez/status/1085141318429540352 HUNDREDS of feminist activists have gathered at the Andalucian parliament to protest against the far-right supported government being sworn in. Juanma Moreno of the PP...

90-year-old woman killed by youth on his phone becomes Spain’s first electric scooter death

After the woman fell down and hit her head on the pavement she was rushed to the Moisès Broggi Hospital in a critical condition, where she died days later

OUTRAGE as uncle and nephew cleared of rape after drugging woman in back alley sex attack in Spain

An uncle and nephew were only cleared of the more serious offence of sexual assault - Spain's equivalent to rape

Pedro Sanchez and Pablo Iglesias sign landmark deal to protect self-employed workers in Spain

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias signed the agreement into law at the Moncloa Palace in Madrid this month





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