Judge Urquia
Judge Urquia

IN George Orwell’s iconic dystopian novel, 1984, the protagonist works at the ironically named Ministry of Truth, editing and deleting historical archives at the government’s whim.

The similarity between Orwell’s oppressive regime and the new data protection law – which has effectively erased one extremely important and revealing corruption story on a judge in Spain – is scary, to say the least.

Criminals, paedophiles, corrupt judges and anyone who wants their dirty past hidden from the public eye can now seemingly do so.

In the case of Judge Urquia it appears to be working, with the disgraced former judge, now apparently working as a lawyer again in a leading Marbella practice.

When this law came into effect we were apprehensive. Now we are directly affected by it, the need for rigorous, investigative journalism is greater than ever.


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