A MYSTERIOUS plague of billboards showing angry-looking foreigners with the caption “I’m sick of Spaniards” (“Estoy harto de los espanoles”) is baffling the streets of Spain.

Translation: “I´m sick of Spaniards”

Between British kite surfer Jo Ciastula, American game developer Bill Murphy, French perfume maker Daniel Josie, all the faces have in common is their scowl.

Since the billboards sprung up all over Spain a few days ago, a Twitter storm of befuddled Spaniards – some offering olive branches and others contempt – erupted.

The campaign is not an attack on foreign residents, but a Clear Channel advertising campaign of which the second part, and hopefully the explanation, is to be revealed today.

It is called ‘Proyecto Talento’ and, in collaboration with the business school ESIC, is reportedly looking to make Spaniards consider how foreigners see them.

More to come…


  1. People are sick and tired of spanish speakers bragging about how important their language is – it is not! I’ll take Portuguese or English or Japanese any day. Spanish is the language of third world banana republics of corruption and drug cartels. It is not spoken worldwide like Portuguese, English, French. Spanish is spoken 98% in the Americas.

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