Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Judas Priest drummer dies in exile in Spain after attempted rape of British teenage boy over a decade ago

EX-Judas Priest drummer Dave Holland has died in Spain more than 15 years after receiving an attempted rape conviction in the UK.  The 69-year-old was...

Despacito breaks host of records as a Spanish-speaking song

DESPACITO is the first Spanish song to top the US’s Billboard 100 in more than 20 years. The ‘song of the summer’ in dozens of...

Billboards showing wanted criminals to tour Spain’s top resorts

The initiative from crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers is designed to make everyone aware of 18 wanted criminals

Sick and tired of Spaniards?

A mysterious plague of billboards showcasing foreigners with the caption “I’m sick of Spaniards” is baffling the streets of Spain

Loud and Clear: Puerto Banus billboard rings true

Columnist Giles Brown waxes lyrical about funny signs and horrifying spiders