MARBELLA: Angeles Munoz
MARBELLA: Angeles Munoz

A FOUR-WAY pact in Marbella could see the PP and Angeles Munoz kicked out, after they failed to win an absolute majority.

The PP has won an absolute majority in Marbella for the past two elections, but missed out narrowly this time around with 13 seats, down from 15 in 2011.

This means the four other parties – PSOE, Opcion Sampredena, Costa del Sol Si Puede and Izquierda Unida – could now form a leftist coalition government, in an unprecedented political situation for the town.

Munoz requires the support of Si Puede, an anti-corruption party, to stay in government.

In Malaga, PP mayor De La Torre will apparently be forced into a pact with anti-corruption/austerity party Ciudadanos, after the PP failed to win an absolute majority. This was an Andalucia-wide trend, with the PP party losing its absolute majority in each of the eight province capitals.

It is a similar story in Mijas, where PP mayor Angel Nozal was two seats short of an absolute majority with 13, and will also be forced to pact with Ciudadanos.

However, in Estepona, the PP retained its absolute majority with 17 seats and Mayor Garcia Urbano will continue for another four-year stint.

It was a tie in Manilva, where both the PSOE and new party Compromiso Manilva, led by Diego Urieta, both won five seats.

Both parties will now have to negotiate with Izquierda Unida and its leader in Manilva, Antonio Barragan, before they can claim a majority.

The IU in the town is also celebrating having had the first ever expat councillor voted in, Briton Dean Tyler Shelton.

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