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House repossessions down in Spain but still highest in Andalucia


RepossessionTHE number of homes being repossessed in Spain is on its way down.

A 5.2% reduction on the number of repossessed properties during the first quarter of 2015 demonstrates a stabler economy as homeowners meet their mortgage payments.

A total of 30,952 homes have been repossessed this year, of which 29,591 were urban properties.

Andalucia has the highest number of repossessions (8,948) followed by Catalunya (5,168) and  Valencia (4,852).


Rob Horgan

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  1. The amount of evictions in Spain between January to April in 2015 were approximately 18.860 whilst in the UK it was approximately 11.000. Considering the UK has supposedly the fastest rise in economy including the demand and price increases of property then the rest of the EU put together I think the 11,000 figure is disgusting. As I said in my previous post it’s a pyramid system, the higher you go up the ladder the less evictions and bankruptcies, it’s logic, until you will hear some MP saying, “The economy is working wonderfully well, hardly any evictions and bankruptcies”. But they don’t tell you of the many thousands of both evic’s and people left skint in that upward trend. The same with immigrates. “Yes we may have 2-3 million immigrants, but we also have the same ex-pats abroad. But again what they don’t say, most of the expats are pensioners or self sufficient and people working and not claiming benefits in those other country’s. What they don’t explain is why there a difference on the amount of people waiting to cross over into England compared to people waiting to cross into say Spain or France, can’t wait to get away fast enough from France, almost as bad as Spain. You try and get what an immigrant gets in the UK as to the rest of the EU. In Spain if you have not paid into the system, NATA. Cameron must walk about with his eyes closed. Sorry if I rambled off the subject, but I’m afraid once started it was hard to stop. it’s the eviction’s that got me.

  2. Jacko,
    I like most of what you state but you hav’nt made the obvious point that so many English want the country to become more like that wonderful place – the land of the free. If your poor – it’s your fault, they don’t really want anything to do with mainland Europe even though they are descended from Germans/Dutch/Danes/Norwegians/Flemish but have an almost totally alien mentality to their own people, the Aryans.

    They are in complete denial about the worst property crash ever which is coming – just around the corner. Basically England has become a very brutish place and survival of the strong at the expense of the weak is the name of the game aka the USA.

    What I don’t understand is your comment about France. I have lived in Spain in two totally different regions – Galicia and Andalucia for about 9 years and the last 6 in France/Aveyron and the two countries could’nt be more different. The only way I will leave France is in a body bag.

    Where do you live in France and just what is it you don’t like about the country. You can’t buy illegal property, the health system is excellent, I know from personal experience. French politeness is legendary and making eye contact is obligatory which is the complete difference from 99% of the English.

    We know one English couple from Yorkshire who are good friends, the rest we can do without any contact at all – they don’t speak French, have no contact (by choice) with the French, moan about most businesses being shut on a Monday and that supermarkets are’nt open 24/7 – why hav’nt they moved to the promised land? All the rest of our friends are French/Dutch/Belgians or Algerians.

    The UK is now caught, thanks to the criminal bankers and corrupt politicians who disappeared some years ago up the rear end of big business in a trap from which there is no escape. They dare not raise interest rates or millions of mortgages will go belly up. It simply is’nt worth people saving as the interest they receive is virtually zero.

    The City has been blackmailing the UK economy for some time now – regulate us and we will leave – that will collapse the £ – game over or the EU will move against the home of the drug and arms dealers favourite money laundering centre – also game over – vamos a ver.

  3. You only want to mix with French, Algerians etc. yet hang around a British expat newspaper commenting. Last time I heard France was not doing so good, full of sour grapes. You will fit in well there, they hate the Brits too.

  4. Stuart, I could reply in length but afraid it would be deleted. Nothing malicious but answers to various points you made. On one occasion during comments regarding the Smoking Ban that was posted on OP I happened to mention “Does anyone “really” know as to why the smoking ban was first mentioned and as to why”. It was then replied by Stefanjo as perhaps I was being facetious to which I replied that it was not through health but money. This would have been a great opportunity for a OP investigation regarding the question that I had asked and could have given some insight regarding the financial side and not the health side which gradually developed into health reasons.
    Forget the smoking ban of hundreds of years ago, (which health had not been mentioned) but from say, 1970/1 and a jump forward to 1986/8.
    The smoking ban was introduced in 2007 many years after the periods in question and even Wikipedia does not give credit to who actually commenced the introduction of the smoking ban in the UK but mentioned Weatherperson only. But my reply to Stefanjo was deleted. I find lots of my replies to comments are deleted, don’t know why as they are equally as valid as those posted.
    Do you think that I was being facetious.

  5. OP. Thank you for allowing my post. As I have said before, people and the media tend to believe only what the power’s allow and there are many items which are still under wraps.

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