FORMER Junta president Manuel Chaves has been dragged into the ERE court case and subsequently resigned as an MP. 

Manuel Chaves
UNDER FIRE: Manuel Chaves

Two other PSOE politicians have been ordered for questioning at the Supreme Court, including Gaspar Zarrías, who led the Junta for two weeks in April 2009 and Jose Griñan, his successor who held the role until 2013.

They are each under suspicion of being involved in the multi-million euro scam which has rocked Andalucia’s political scene.

Chaves, 71, who led Andalucia for 19 years and now has a seat in Madrid’s parliament, previously told the court he had no idea that his Employment Ministry was syphoning tens of millions fraudulently every year for a decade.

But now a damning 129-page report from Judge Alberto Jorge Barreiro at the Supreme Court states there is substantial evidence the former heads were involved in administrative corruption.

The alleged fraud is estimated to amount to as much as €855 million between 2000 and 2010, when the probe was launched.

Four years ago the Olive Press hinted that the pair were guilty in an opinion piece.


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