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Basque leader demands referendum on ties with Spain


BASQUE premier Inigo Urkullu has called for a legal consultation on the region’s future in Spain.

URKULLU: Nationalist leader in referendum demand

The PNV leader addressed a rally of supporters as Catalan independence parties secured an overall majority in Sunday’s regional election.

Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy has refused to allow Catalans an independence referendum claiming it would be unconstitutional.

Urkullu said: “We need a new political statute for Euskadi [the Basque Country].

“We are a nation, we are the Basque people, we are European citizens, with freedoms and historical rights, we have a language, a culture.”

ETA’s campaign of violence for full Basque independence from Spain cost over 800 lives.

Joe Duggan (Reporter)

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  1. This was always going to happen. These people, the Euskadi have been in Europe for over 40,000 years. They don’t need anyone’s permission let alone a bunch of Aryans from the centre of the Iberian peninsular who forced their way into Spain by force of arms.

    Why does’nt this article mention the government death squads that murdered so many, copied from the SAS murder squads that operated in Ireland.

    The conglomerate of old Fascist parties that is the PP should remember there are no Axis countries anymore to arm them or bomb civilians. Should they be stupid enough to attack either the Catalans or the Euskadi they will find the International Brigades will be born anew and the end gane will be entirely different this time around – cowardly Scots take note.

  2. Stuart:

    I think that your racial theories about Spain are totally wrong. Please read the maps of “eupedia”.
    The basque race never had existed.
    The Basques belonged to the Roman Hispania, but they were poorly romanized due the extremely poverty and difficulty of travel for that scarped terrain.this country was very poor, till the industrial revolution.

    They never formed a state

    In the XV century all the Basque lords had pronounced oath of vassalage with the king of Castilla.

    After of the Spanish Civil war didn´t existed death squads.

    The international brigades were fighting for the communism that is an ideology totally opposed to nationalism, wich is a ideology backed for the burgeoisie.

    The roots of the basque nationalism are racist and enemy of the social progress.

  3. Anselmo,
    don’t you see how stupid you look. You call them ‘basque when you know full well that they have always called themselves Euskadi. As always you manifest denial syndrome – no one denies that they have lived in Europe for over 40,000 years except Spaniards like you. Their language has baffled people because it has no links to any indo-European language at all – a total mystery.
    The Inquistion was introduced into Spain by the Aryan invaders as a tool to rob the wealthy Euskadi who were then and now the most efficient and productive people in Iberia along with the Catalans – without them the rest of you ‘Spanish’ are finished.

    You make a fool of yourself saying that the Euskadi lands are poor when the reality is that they have some of best agricultural land in Spain and unlike the Aryans of the centre they did not cut down all their forests – why do you persist in trying to deny reality which anyone can check out.

    It’s like the stupidity that too many Spanish manifest about being Latins – only 2-3% of you are and those the result of rape by Romans. The rest of you are anything but, being Celts,Morenos or Semitic Arabs and Jews – why can’t so many of you Spanish find the courage to free yourselves from this ridiculous denial syndrome. For the same reason you cannot rid yourselves of endemic corruption. Too many of you are still brainwashed by the Roman Catholic mafia – try to find some courage to deprogramme yourselves of all this rubbish. Sadly there are too many Brits who still hold onto b/s about the British Empire – vile, brutish and rapacious just like all the other Empires.

  4. In my humble opinion your arguments are based in some wrong ideas about the reality, I´ll try to expose some facts. I can be wrong:

    1º) The word Euskadi is relatively recent. It was invented by Sabino Arana, the father of the Basque nationalism. The Basques in Spanish for ever have been called “vascos”.

    2º) I agree with you that the basques , have lived in his region for many thousands years; 10000, 40000?.

    3º) The inquisition was introduced in Spain for the necessity of to give an religious uniformity, avoiding the risk of that the religious ideas of the jews converted to the christianism could be mixed with the Christian ideas. This thing happened in the South (especially in Sevilla) and in the Center of Spain, not in the North.

    4º) When the inquisition were instaurated (1500 a.C) the arian invasions
    were long passed . The arian invasions: Iberos,Celts, romans, Visigoths, happened before of the V Century of our era.

    6º) The Basque country have been very poor before the industrial revolution. It was a country backward ,isolated and with a very rough terrain. It provided emigrants for another places of Spain, and their fishermen went to Terranova .

    7º) The idea that the spaniards are descendent of the romans , is totaly wrong. A proof is to read the genetical maps o of Eupedia. However is a fact that the Spanish culture is heir of the roman culture. This thing didn´t happened in Britannia because the population suffered a pavorous reduction after the collapse of the roman empire.

    8º) Sadly I can´t argue nothing about your afirmations about the corruption, I deplore that so many of my compatriots nowadays think that it is no a crucial problem, that implies a tremendous risk for the future spanish prosperity.

  5. Anselmo, so many inaccuracies in what you post – I know full well when the Aryans first entered Iberia and it was’nt in the 5th century – try the 8th century. Morenos,Celts are’nt Aryans – wrong again.
    The Euskadi were’nt backward – your describing the Aryan Goth/Visigoth and Swabians. The Euskadi were a wealthy and forward looking people, that’s why the Inquisition made up lies in order to confiscate their wealth.

    I know your English is not perfect but I did not say that the Spanish were descended from the Romans – I said that only 2-3% of the Spanish were of Latin blood due to the indigenous women being raped by Roman soldiers.

    You also know nothing of the history of Celts in Britain or indeed in Europe, where their heartlands were what is now Germany/Austria/Switzerland and the Czech Republic. When the Romans overran Celtic Europe, they forbade the Celts from bearing arms so when the Aryan savages began to invade western Europe from the Steppes they encountered a people who had lost the knowledge of bearing arms.

    Only those Romano/Celts who had fought for the Romans in their campaigns had the ability to stop the savages. Arturo was one such. Ironic that the descendants of those savages try to claim him for themselves – hilarious.

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