A HUNTER has bled to death after being attacked by a wounded boar in Galicia.

ATTACK: Hunter killed by wild boar

Antonio Gonzalez Barrio, 59, suffered lacerations to the legs when the boar attacked him in Laza, Ourense.

Sources said the victim approached the injured boar with a knife, but it broke free and rammed into him.

Emergency services arrived minutes later and found the man unconscious and with no pulse.

He had wounds to the leg and his right thigh was torn.

His death came at the start of the Galician hunting season.




  1. Excellent – one for the boar.
    would any single hunter take on a boar in his birthday suit, no because the boar would win every time. Show me a hunter and I’ll show you a sniveling coward. Man is only powerful with weapons, without them he is less than nothing.

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