easyjetEXCLUSIVE by Rob Horgan

FASTEN your seatbelt, locate your nearest exit and sit back and enjoy the jokes.

Budget airlines have a reputation for being impersonal money-making machines… But there is one British pilot determined to change all that!

Taking to the aisle for a pre-flight stand-up routine, EasyJet pilot-cum-comedian Captain Adam Stoaling is changing the face of budget travel and leaving flyers in fits of laughter.

Regularly flying the Malaga-London Southend route, passengers are treated to a five minute performance by the Nottingham-based pilot before take-off.

“He won the hearts of all of us with such a simple gesture,” Malaga-based singer Arran Harding told the Olive Press. “It didn’t cost him anything and yet the impact that he had was priceless.”

“He welcomed us aboard, said he felt budget air travel had become unenjoyable and then told a few jokes.

“He had the whole plane in laughter and received a standing ovation.”

An EasyJet spokesman told the Olive Press that the company had not directed pilots to take to the aisle but they encouraged ‘all members of staff to make journeys as enjoyable as possible’.  

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