IT seems extraordinary that in 2016, there are still a large number of individuals operating as estate agencies who are still totally unregistered in Spain.

 Graham Govier of Inland Andalucia
Graham Govier of Inland Andalucia

You can spot these guys a mile off as they can’t provide proper invoices for their services. But they don’t have public liability insurance either, which means that if they renege on anything verbally promised as part of a purchase or sale, your only recourse is a civil court.

On top of this, they don’t have registered addresses and are often not properly checking whether the properties they sell are completely legal.

In short, they are not adhering to any aspect of the European Trade Description Act… and all the strict regulations that most legal agents have to abide by are generally ignored.

This doesn’t happen in the UK, Germany or Denmark… so why in Spain?

A lot of the blame lies with the large number of property portals out there in cyberspace. Websites such as Kyero, Think Spain, A Place in the Sun, Overseas Properties, etc, which do not check the accreditation of anyone offering properties for sale.

And why would they? That would drastically restrict their revenue, of course.

It is even apparently too much for many of them to simply have a disclaimer tucked away in the small print as part of their ‘terms of use’ section.

This is all completely unacceptable in 2016.  Where is the protection for the public?

I believe it is going to take new European legislation to resolve this. Until then, the cyberbuyer had better beware.

We always advise our clients to use their credit card when reserving a property. This method provides the additional protection of the credit card company.

If ‘Sorry…we don’t take credit cards’ is the reaction of your agent, ask yourself why?

That is the true indication of whether you are really dealing with a registered agency with bank accreditation.

Property prices are still low and there are some great bargains out there… but do not risk your savings without knowing who you are dealing with.

If it all goes pear-shaped you will live to regret it!

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A dream view

Inland Andalucia
Inland Andalucia

IT may be in need of a little TLC but this cortijo between Alcala la Real and Castillo de Locubin could become a dream finca overlooking stunning Andalucian countryside.  

On the market for just €49,000, you would be hard-pushed to find a similar bargain in such a stunning location.

Inland Andalucia
Inland Andalucia

With a large working well, 4,500m2 of land and planning permission to rebuild already in place, this cortijo would make a dream cycling retreat or hikers’ getaway.

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