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Brits warned of ‘killer’ ecstasy pills in Spain five times stronger than usual dosage

killer pills
killer pills
HAUL: From arrest

SPANISH police have warned tourists of ecstasy pills that are five times stronger than usual.

Ninety of the lethal pills – just one of which contains enough MDMA to kill, according to police – were found during an arrest in Ibiza.

The pills were found to be imprinted with the Music On logo, a popular techno night at the Amnesia nightclub.

Spain’s National Police said in a statement: “The National Police in Ibiza has arrested two individuals, a Senegalese man aged 35 and a 24-year-old Moroccan, accused of stealing €11,500 (£9,800) from a hotel safe.

“The individuals gained the confidence of the victim and whilst one distracted him, the other managed to get into the area where the safe was and took the money inside.

“Days afterwards when he was arrested, one of the men had €3,500 (£2,985) on him and drugs including 90 ecstasy tablets, 23.79 grams of cocaine, 3.4 grams of MDMA and 48 grams of liquid ecstasy.

“The really alarming thing about this case is that an ecstasy tablet normally has about 80 milligrams of MDMA and in this case, the 90 pills which imitated the logo of a well-known Ibiza party, had 400mg.

“This amount is around five times the normal dose and a single tablet can produce death.

“Other serious side-effects include heart attacks, epileptic attacks, cardiac arrhythmia, and seizures as well as hyperthermia where the body temperature rises about 39 degrees Celsius.”

Police fear the fatal drugs may still be doing the rounds or are available on the black market.

Laurence Dollimore

Laurence has a BA and MA in International Relations and a Gold Standard diploma in Multi-Media journalism from News Associates in London. He has almost a decade of experience and previously worked as a senior reporter for the Mail Online in London.

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  1. It is the very nature of prohibition that makes this drug or any drug have any danger. If drugs were legalized or de-criminalized then users could test their products for purity and strength and then would be able to gauge or measure the dosage needed much more accurately, consequently putting the user at considerably less danger.
    Because drugs are illegal, unscrupulous people cut, or bulk out drugs with other substances making the drugs less pure and more harmful to the end user. Prohibition really is a failure on many levels, people still dying daily because of it, mainly because backwards minded individuals cannot accept that it is a failure and find a more modern, progressive way of dealing with the issue.
    People drink themselves to death all the time, yet you don’t see the alcohol companies arrested for selling bottles of booze to people, the culpability is with the user themselves.
    Mean while in America, where they have a more modern approach to the issue, they are seeing if MDMA-assisted psychotherapy can help heal the psychological and emotional damage caused by sexual assault, war, violent crime, and other traumas. They are also studying MDMA-assisted therapy for autistic adults with social anxiety and MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for people with anxiety related to life-threatening illnesses.

    • Dr. David Nutt was sacked as an advisor to the British government for making these very points. They don’t want to acknowledge the truth. The alcohol lobby, is too strong, to resist their insistence on being the drug of choice for the western world.
      Even in the face of the undeniable toxicity of tobacco, that poison is still freely available. Which leaves one more little treat for us law-abiding citizens, that’s caffeine, (coffee, cola drinks, even tablets from the pharmacy- Pro Plus) the only stimulant permitted.
      All three, surprise! are gigantic profit and tax raisers, which of course, is the reason for their continued tolerance. Money rules, always will. So the promise of huge earnings from cannabis, is gradually bringing America round to the idea of embracing, at last, a fairly benign substance, after almost a century of repression and imprisonment for users. Money rules.

  2. Nobody is forced to consume ecstasy, alcohol or tabacco. In the case of extasy, its possession is illegal and its harm to health – even with ‘normal’ dosage – is well known. Adults being able to vote for or against Brexit are mature enough to decide against extasy. Therefor nobody needs to be protected against a fake content of this drug.

    • What are YOU on Wolfgang? There are strict rules concerning the production of alcohol. Bad stuff can blind and kill. Even tobacco has a form of control on “purity”. So you are saying that if someone consumes an “unapproved” drug they deserve to die or be disabled? Can you not see the dichotomy here? Holland pioneered the testing of “illegal” drugs for consumers, thus saving many people from great harm when all they wanted, was to alter reality for a while. The exact reason people use alcohol.
      ALL so-called drugs need to be de-criminalised (empty the prisons) and harm reduction should be the priority. Not your brutal attitude.

  3. Stefanjo,
    you name it: Alcohol and tabacco are legal and therefor strict rules for their production apply.
    But ecstasy is illegal. Obviously YOU don’t care the legal system in your country. You are making your own law. If you decide to cross a street at the red light and a car that runs with the green light hurts you, then you will call the driver of that car ‘brutal’. You are free to change the laws in your country if you succed organizing a majority for your ideas in the parliament.

    • There are good laws and bad laws Wolfgang. Prohibition is a bad , self-defeating law. Look at your own history for bad laws. Also, your illustrations are absurd and irrelevant.

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