IT was something of an exciting homecoming for a Costa-born actress, who has become one of the big hits in Hollywood this summer.

Millie Bobby Brown, 12, the surprise star of Netflix blockbuster Stranger Things, is the daughter of a former expat couple, Robert and Kelly Brown, once based in Marbella.

MARBELLA GIRL: Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown
MARBELLA GIRL: Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown

Now, the Spanish-born actress has been back to her roots with a family trip to Marbella this summer after becoming a household name overnight.

The Olive Press understands that her grandparents run a restaurant in Marbella and she spent a week here.

With little fanfare and with nobody recognising her, she is understood to have gone to Heaven Beach in Estepona, where she posted a video from a foam party, as well as various other outings undetected.

Millie moved to London when she was four, before moving to Orlando in Miami, in 2011, where her parents started a tooth-whitening business.

She shot to fame last month as the lead character in the Netflix drama, which also stars Wynona Rider.

She plays the part of a telekinetic girl in the show that is based around the disappearance of a young boy.

In its first 16 days, the sci-fi thriller was watched by more than 8.2 million people, outperforming the critics’ darling House of Cards.

Millie will return to LA in September when it is hoped a second season of the show will be announced.

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