collage-2017-02-08SPAIN’S prime minister has offered to become Donald Trump’s middleman in Europe and Latin America.

Mariano Rajoy made the commitment in an official telephone conversation last night, the first between the two parties since Trump came to power.

He also pledged to do the same for North Africa and the Middle East, according to a press release by La Mancloa.

In the 15 minute conversation, Rajoy claimed his country was in the ‘best condition’ to take on the role of ‘interlocutor’ due to its ‘stable government and an economy that is growing by more than 3%.’

Mariano Rajoy talks to Donald Trump. Photo by La Moncloa

He was also said to be willing to ‘develop a good relationship with the new United States administration’,  while Trump was reported to have asserted the ‘closeness and affection of the Americans towards the Spanish people.’

For his part, President Trump told Spain’s leader he was committed to NATO, according to the White House.

Its statement summarizing the call added that Trump ’emphasized the importance of all NATO allies sharing the burden of defense spending.’

The two leaders also pondered the future of the EU, with Rajoy insisting he would work hard to foster greater integration between EU states following Brexit.

Security and defence were also on the agenda, due to the countries’ joint control of the two Spanish military bases in Rota and Moron.

Both parties were said to have agreed to continue collaborating in the areas, especially in the fight against Daesh.

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  1. What a creep! All Rajoy got from Trump was an order to get his hand in his pocket if he wanted help with NATO. And the last thing the Donald wants is “a greater integration between the EU states”. It’s more in his interests to see a trading bloc of five hundred million people split into it’s constituent parts, so he can deal separately with each one. We will then have twenty eight little countries crawling to him, fighting for the crumbs he deigns to let drop from his rich man’s table.
    So far, the only person with sufficient cojones to defy him, is the Speaker of the House, John Bercow, who has told him like it is, in no uncertain terms.

  2. The main point not addressed is – Sqeaky Voice can see an unending stream of big fat brown envelopes coming his way, if he can brown nose Toupeman enough. After all brown envelopes are normal in Central/South America as well, all run by descendants of the Spanish so acostumbrado – makes a lot of sense.

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