AN ‘air rage’ row has erupted after a hen party wearing ’bixches on tour’ t-shirts were thrown off a Mallorca-bound plane.

Jet2 have claimed the group of 18 was asked to leave when one of them tried to take off her t-shirt, not because of the swear word on the t-shirt.

HEN PECKED: Branson offers wedding party free trip

But bride-to-be Emma Green said the group had not been causing trouble and that the airline’s action had ‘completely ruined the whole experience’ with the group forced to pay for new flights.

“We have lost a day already and everybody is really tired from flying in from different airports,” she said.

“Some didn’t land until 2am this morning.”

Virgin Atlantic boss Richard Branson offered the Magaluf hen party a free flight to LA when he heard what had happened.


  1. Free advertising Sir Richard with this gesture! You try flying with a group of louts for four and a half hours as I did on a flight to Tenerife. The group intimidated a passengers to change seats so they could all sit together, a cabin crew member and behaved like kids. Don’t reward them by giving them a free trip but then as you would never travel with them would you it’s just free advertising.

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