Summer Heatwave in Spain

AEMET has predicted that this summer will be even hotter than last year’s.

It comes after summer 2016 was the third hottest since 1965 (surpassed only by 2015 and 2003), with an average temperature of 24.2ºC.

May 2017 was far warmer than usual (2.4ºC above the average), and, bar 2015, it was the hottest in 83 years.

May was also drier than the norm, noticeable by lower water levels, according to AEMET, but rainfall is expected to be normal in the coming two months.

It has warned of a high risk of fires across the region.

Anyone who sees a fire should call 621 or 112 immediately.



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  1. I have spent the last six winters in southern Spain (Andalucia), and winter temperatures there have certainly not been higher than normal, according to the locals. So we should probably be cautious about drawing conclusions.

  2. Ranveig Wormstrand, Please, it’s the average temperature there is higher, and yes you probably do not feel that the average temperature is higher night and day. Is it people like you who do not believe in climate change?

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