THE Queen of the United Kingdom’s outfit looked a little familiar to some as she opened parliament today.

As Queen Elizabeth II spoke of making Brexit ‘successful’, social media became abuzz with how her blue and yellow ensemble blatantly imitated the EU flag.

“Is it me or is her Maj sporting a euro flag on her head?” one viewer said.

While the Queen remains neutral on political topics there has been debate since the referendum what her view would have been.

One person remained convinced on the issue, saying: “I like how the Queen’s hat looks like an EU flag. Always knew she was a remainer.”


The Palace has yet to comment on the look.

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  1. The last Queen of England was Elizabeth 1st who died in 1603. Since then all British monarchs have been King or Queen of the whole United Kingdom. Brexit is a bitter pill to swallow but surely it hasn’t led to England becoming indepdent!

    Yours Anxiously,


  2. Might be more relevant to comment on the emptiness and futility of the Queen’s speech, rather than mither about her titfer. The Maybot provided her with a virtual blank sheet, in order for her not to miss the first race at Ascot. (As Dennis Skinner remarked.)

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