THOMAS Cook has won a court case against two British holidaymakers who made fake sickness claims while on holiday in Spain.

CRACKDOWN: Thomas Cook vow to go after sickness scammers

The tour operator says it plans to challenge other claims’ cases in court, with similar scams estimated to cost Mallorca hotels €50 million a year

A Liverpool County Court dismissed claims that the family, who had been on holiday in the Canary Islands, should be awarded £10,000 compensation.

“It’s not comfortable for us to be in court questioning our customers’ credibility, but the significant increase in unreported illness claims being received by the travel industry threatens holidays for all UK customers,” said Thomas Cook managing director Chris Mottershead.

“This case follows an increasingly common pattern for these claims, with a previously unreported illness being raised years after the holiday, with no medical or other evidence to support the illness having occurred.”

The couple, Julie Lavelle, 33, and partner Michael McIntyre, 34, and their two young children,, claimed compensation for gastroenteritis in 2013.

Thomas Cook said the family did not state their condition to hotel staff or tour representatives during the holiday and
that Mr McIntyre failed to mention his ‘sickness’ on a holiday feedback questionnaire while flying back to the UK.


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  1. I truly would not like to see “expat” neighbours needing to leave. Many have found their place here. They are part of society here. But it will not be easy. That is clear.

    Old lesson. You can walk over me. But not to and fro. And certainly not all the time.

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