13 Aug, 2017 @ 15:29
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Remain supporters to hold large London rally The People’s March


REMAIN supporters are ‘forming an active resistance to Brexit’ with a series of demonstrations.

Marches have been organised in the UK on September 9, with thousands predicted to attend the London rally The People’s March For Europe.

BREXIT COUNTDOWN: Protests planned for London

The coalition group The People’s March brings together groups from across Britain and Europe who want the UK to remain in the EU.

“We cannot build Britain’s future on leave lies and economic self-harm,” said Paul Dunne, from UKtoStay in EU.

“As reality bites, the public is entitled to change its mind on Brexit. Enough is enough: we must keep on making the fact-based case for the UK to stay in the EU.”

People’s March organiser Kaz Llewellyn said they would be applying ‘relentless pressure on the government…to make then listen’.

“The campaign will show that the ‘will of the people’ is changing and that remaining in the EU is definitely on the table,” said Llewellyn.


Joe Duggan (Reporter)

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  1. I can not get over the rubbish these undemocratic people spout. The UK would be far better off if the people who voted remain but lost now helped with Brexit instead of being a massive embarrassment to the rest of the world.

  2. The real embarrassment comes from people who want the UK to commit financial and social suicide by undergoing this cliff-diving exercise. Democracy doesn’t enter into a fake, lying motion, that this ADVISORY referendum consisted of. Go haunt another house Mr. Ghost.

  3. Ghost1607, what is your connection with Spain?

    The UK is a laughing stock for having a dysfunctional government that couldn’t negotiate its way out of a paper bag and for leaving the largest trading bloc in the world. There isn’t a hope in hell of replacing the lost EU trade with new deals around the world, it is pure fantasy. Leaving the single market and customs union and losing passporting rights for financial services is economic suicide and that is where Brexit will fall over. How many UK based businesses will relocate to the EU27 taking jobs and tax revenue with them? There is a huge difference between having access to the single market and being a full member as the UK is now.

    If the referendum result had gone the other way, would the Leave campaign and UKIP have helped the UK become a more proactive and enthusiastic member of the EU? Would they hell. If you supported/voted Brexit, you own it so the onus is on you make it work. UK nationals with interests in Spain are having a worrying time so don’t expect them to help you.

    Remainers have every right to demonstrate if they wish, it is called democracy and it didn’t end in June 2016.

    If you hate the EU that much and you live in Spain, you should leave. Or if you live in the UK, why are you commenting on Brexit in an English language newspaper in Spain?

  4. I do not understand why you are using “Hate”, there is no hate going on at all. I love Spain, Italy and France and their cultures, what I do not like is the “EU machine” in Brussels taking huge amounts of money off all the countries, decided what laws across the bloc, having an EU court that can override what any country decides and the fact that they have not yet been able to balance the books and produce full accounts.
    Europe has been around a long time and has grown into a mature group of countries on the other hand the EU has been with us a short time and has grown into a monster that is feeding the rich to the detriment of the poor. Well like it or not I am on the side of the poor as I am not in any position to join the rich club and thinking about it I would not to be on that side anyway.

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