BRITISH pensioners are flocking to Spain to see out their later years, according to financial advisers.

One firm that helps Brits move to Europe  told the Guardian that interest from UK retirees had doubled in 2017 as Brexit looms.

HEADING TO SPAIN: Surge in interest from British pensioners

But a migration expert warned any post-Brexit deal will make moving to the EU much harder for older British citizens.

“The thing about retirees they are expensive,” said John Springfield from the Centre for European Reform.

“There is no way Spain would allow lots of Brits to retire there and use their health system unless young Spanish people could come and work in the UK.

“If we don’t have free movement it is very unlikely we would have retirement rights.”

A spokesperson for Blevins Franks, which offers financial advice for people retiring into Spain, Portugal or France, said the company has seen a 20% to 25% increase in business.

There had been 900 inquiries on its website in 2017, up from 450 the previous year.

Business development director Jason Porter said he was confident of an agreement to allow British retirees to move, but it would likely favour those able to purchase a property in Spain.

Spectrum IFA group, which advises British expats in Spain, also said 20% of their clients living abroad were trying to obtain Spanish or Irish passports.

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