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Husband, 94, goes viral in Spain after being forced to push his sick wife on a wheelchair from hospital...

THE PLIGHT of a 94-year-old man from Spain has gone viral on social media after a photo was widely shared of him pushing his...

As local election campaign kicks off, Spain’s prime minister promises subsidised cinema tickets for the over-65s

ANOTHER weekend in the run-up to the May 28 local and regional elections in Spain, and another spending promise from Spanish Prime Minister Pedro...

Spain’s Civil Guard arrests man accused of stealing more than €11,000 from dead pensioner he used to care for

THE SPANISH Civil Guard has arrested a man in Seville on allegations that he spent more than €11,000 using the credit card of a...

With death of French nun, the world’s oldest living person now resides in Spain

THE WORLD’S oldest person is now thought to be Spaniard Maria Branyas Morera, who is aged 115 and lives in Catalonia. She takes the...

Taxi drivers in Spain’s Pamplona to restart free trips for pensioners to see the Christmas lights

AFTER a two-year break due to Covid-19, today the taxi drivers of Pamplona will be volunteering their time to take 90 or so residents...

Benidorm pensioners get electricity bill discount on Spain’s Costa Blanca

BENIDORM council is offering pensioners in the city a discount of at least €50 on electricity bills. A €300,000 fund has been created and applications...

Benidorm pensioners fleeced by helpful bank machine conmen on Spain’s Costa Blanca

SWINDLERS in Benidorm conned elderly people out of over €7,000 at ATMs after pretending to help them. The Policia Nacional have arrested two men- one...

Pensioners in Spain’s Malaga robbed of bank cards by two women who watched them tap in PIN numbers at...

POLICE in Malaga have arrested two women who stole bank cards from pensioners and illegally withdrew money from their accounts. The duo aged 24 and...

Travel against Putin: Germany encourages pensioners to holiday in Spain to save on household fuel bills

A GERMAN travel association has come up with a wheeze to reduce its country’s reliance on Russian gas - give pensioners cash for an...

Bear hunt: Pensioner attacked by brown bear while hiking in Spain’s Asturias

A HUNT was on for a bear which attacked a 75-year-old woman while she was on a walk with her family in the countryside. The pensioner...

GRANDPA KILLERS: Two men in court for separate attacks on elderly pensioners in Spain’s Valencia

TWO men are facing long sentences for two separate brutal attacks on elderly people in Valencia Province. Both court cases were reported today (Friday May...

BEWARE OF THE BIRDMAN: British pensioners on Costa del Sol issue warning after bizarre ‘bird poo’ robbery

The couple from Yorkshire, were walking home in Benalmadena when they were showered in a brown liquid

Spain to protect access to healthcare and pensions for British expats in no-deal Brexit with ROYAL DECREE

Under the plan, expats will have guaranteed healthcare provision until at least 2020 and continued access to unemployment benefits and pensions

Thousands of OAPs protest on the streets of Spain calling for pension security

PENSIONERS in their thousands have taken to the streets of Spain to demand decent pensions. Demonstrating across Spain to ask the government to guarantee pensions...

Grim business as funeral planners whose adverts included John Cleese ‘harass’ pensioners and breach data laws

A BRITISH funeral planner has been exposed for targeting vulnerable pensioners, using high-pressure and illegal tactics to sell expensive funerals. Plan My Funeral, majority owend...

Number of British pensioners taking five pills a day has risen by 300% as Spanish study warns it increases...

THE number of English pensioners taking at least five medicines per day has boomed by 300% since 1997, a new study has shown. Almost half...

Pre-Brexit surge in interest from British pensioners wanting to move to Spain

Migration experts warn post-Brexit deal may make it harder for retirees to make EU move

Marbella Walking Football side to be joined by former Celtic star

Adam Virgo is a former Scottish league title winner

Expat campaigners fear thousands of UK pensioners could leave Spain post-Brexit

'Serious concerns' over NHS access if British retirees move back to UK, say Bremain In Spain

Expat pensioners lose thousands of euros in pensions because of Brexit

Expat pensioners furious after losing hundreds of euros a month post-Brexit

Over half of wealthiest Brits go abroad during retirement

Money makes the Brits move around

Barcelona bar only hiring waiters over 50

Entrepanes Diaz, a trendy bar in the heart of the Catalan capital, is now only hiring waiters over 50

Winter ‘cruel’ allowance

Plans to cut expat pensioners' winter fuel allowance are outrageous

British pensioners in Spain to be frozen out by cuts to winter fuel allowance

British ministers are cutting winter fuel allowance to pensioners in warm countries

Ask the Optician: Eye advice for the over 60s

In a new eye-health column, Specsavers Marbella boss Leighton Griffiths advises over 60s to get an eye test once a year

Woman scores most points at Huelva’s Senior Golf Tour of Andalucia qualifying tournament

Seniors took each other on at Huelva's qualifying tournament of the Senior golf tour of Andalucia




Skiing in Spain’s Sierra Nevada: How the ‘Costa del Ski’ is perfect for Christmas card snowscapes and adrenaline-pumping thrills

"THERE’S no way I’m skiing down that. I’ll walk up, get my ski and take the lift down," insisted my Olive Press colleague, looking...


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