THE EU’s chief Brexit negotiator has urged the UK to ‘start negotiating seriously’.

Michel Barnier said his team needed clarification from Brexit Secretary David Davis on key points as their third round of talks began in Brussels.

CLARIFICATION: Barnier calls for UK to ‘negotiate seriously’

The rights of 1.2 million British expats, including 300,000 living in Spain, as well as 3.4 million EU residents in the UK are top of negotiators’ list of concerns.

Barnier said: “We need UK positions on all separation issues. We need UK papers that are clear in order to have constructive negotiations.

“And the sooner we remove the ambiguity the sooner we will be in a position to discuss the future relationship and to a transitional period.”

It comes after campaigners slammed the Home Office after deportation orders were wrongly sent to up to 100 EU citizens in Britain.



  1. It’s only this man’s innate dignity that holds his temper with that dithering goon David Davis.
    The vision of that damned idiot, peering through his Poundshop glasses, talking crap from the podium in Brussels today, puts Britain to shame.

  2. When Mr Barnier said that he wanted to educate Britain, he did not mean it as an insult at all. He was merely trying to explain that the UK needs to understand what it means to be part of the EU, and what the issues are upon leaving. The original referendum question was far (far) too simplistic. Only now are people waking up to what it means to exist outside of the EU, and it doesn’t look good. In a way, this discussion should have come before the referendum, so that people could really see what was involved, and then they could make up their minds later.

    It really is quite hilarious to see the UK accusing the EU of “blackmail”. Blackmail with what exactly? With Brexit? lol. This is what the UK wanted, so you can’t blackmail someone with something they already want. The UK have been made to look very foolish.

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