THE effects of mass-tourism are the biggest fears of Balearic residents, a new survey has shown.

It comes after hundreds protested against mass-tourism in Palma as concern over the issue spilled onto the streets.

FEARS: Residents voice mass-tourism concerns in new poll

A worrying 69% of young people said the drawbacks of mass tourism outweighed the benefits, suggesting more Arran-style protests are set for the island.

Some 39% of people polled said traffic congestion was their main worry, with 30% blaming overcrowding.

In Palma, 36% of those polled named overcrowding as a main concern with 43% blaming vehicle congestion, the highest percentages of any Balearic region surveyed.

Air pollution and the deterioration of local beaches were other top concerns in the study of 600 residents by the Balearic Institute of Social Studies.

The poll came as protesters demanded the government adopt ‘courageous measures’ to tackle problems connected with millions of holidaymakers arriving on the island.

More than 50 organizations joined in the demonstration, which was protesting against an economic model that is ‘overly dependent on tourism.’

The government claims it is laying a foundation to become a sustainable destination for tourism.

But many locals have been hit by rising housing prices, and are demanding immediate change.

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