IN an article written in Britain’s Guardian Barcelona’s Mayor Ada Colau has called on the European Union to intervene in Catalunya’s referendum on Sunday. 

Colau blames Rajoy’s government for worsening the situation by putting the freedoms of those who live in Cataluyna as risk through raids and arrests of governmental buildings.

She said: “We are not just facing an institutional dispute but also a social and political conflict that clearly has to be resolved by political means.”

Colau also blames Rajoy for turning an internal dispute into a European and with Trump’s backing even an international crisis.

She added: “Europe today consists of interconnected states, societies, businesses and citizens cooperating with one another.

“Defending the fundamental rights of Catalan citizens against a wave of repression from the Spanish state is also the same as defending the rights of Spanish and European citizens.

As mayor of its capital, Barcelona, to call on the European commission to open a space for mediation between the Spanish and Catalan governments to find a negotiated and democratic solution to the conflict.”

The showdown is one of Spain’s biggest political crisis since the end of the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco four decades ago.

The world will be watching for the outcome on Monday.

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