TRAGIC: Siobhan with boyfriend Cameron

A YOUNG woman is in hospital after  breaking her back in a freak accident when a statue fell on her. 

The 100kg statue landed on the head of Siobhan Quinn, 26, while she was waiting under a boardwalk in Mallorca.

Quinn was waiting for her boyfriend Cameron Danzey to use the bathroom when tragedy struck.

The young radiographer was hit by a falling ‘pot plant-style statue’ from above that fractured her vertebrae, just one day before she planned to move to London.

Her boyfriend Cameron Danzey has started a Go Fund Me page to help with her medical costs as the accident occurred just outside her period of travel insurance. At the time of writing it had raised €39,000.



“She has 4 fractured vertebrae due to a 100kg wooden ornament landing directly on her head. To worsen the blow this happened just outside of her travel insurance period,” he wrote.

“She is having to cut her dream short and return home, after paying thousands in registration fees and now hospital fees.”

“We ask anyone who knows shiv [sic] and understands how much of a beautiful human she is, to help her get back on her feet and help the financial stress for both her family and herself.”

Her mother Erica Quinn said the statue ‘fell straight on her head’.

“It was so lucky a couple of paramedics on holiday were right there and came to her assistance straight away,” she said.

Medical staff reportedly believe her spinal cord is in tact and she can move her toes, however she has fractures in her neck and spine.

“They’re concerned about soft tissue damage and are trying to discuss what sort of back brace [she will need],” Erica said.

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