THEY could be playing the parts of many an expat here in Spain.

Hollywood stars Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson have been filming a new movie about con artists in Mallorca.

Based on a remake of the popular classic Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, starring Steve Martin and Michael Caine, they compete to defraud a naive new tech billionaire.

One working class, one high class, the film Nasty Women has just finished filming, with Australian actress Wilson taking to Twitter to express her love of Mallorca with a series of videos.

“Hola amigos! It’s the last day in Mallorca and I’m going to miss this place. It’s so awesome to film here and I’m going to miss this place,” said Wilson.

“It’s been such a blast doing this remake!”

In one tweet, the two co-stars jump into a hotel swimming pool fully clothed.
Wilson also posted a photo alongside Mallorca tennis legend Rafa Nadal.

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