A TOTAL of four Mallorca millionaires have made this year’s Forbes Rich list.

Iberostar president Miquel Fluxà, president of Melia Hotels Gabriel Escarrer, the directors of Riu Hotels Carmen and Luis Riu and Globalia boss Juan Jose Hidalgo are on the list of 100 richest Spaniards.

Billionaire Fluxà is the wealthiest Mallorquin with his estimated worth of €3.6 billion making him the fourth richest in Spain.

Escarrer makes number 17 with a fortune of €1.6 billion thanks to an empire of 360 hotels in 35 countries.

The Rius have to make do with €500 million while Hidalgo is worth around €400 million.

The combined wealth of Spain’s 100-club grew by 2% in the last year to €158 billion.

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