THERESA May suffered a major blow to her Brexit plans after pro-European Conservatives supported legislation giving parliament a full vote on any Brexit deal before it is implemented.

Eleven rebel Tory MPs defied their party whips to join nearly all the Labour, Scottish National Party and Liberal Democrat members in voting for the legislation.

The votes of the rebel MPs proved decisive with the government losing the vote narrowly by 309 to 305.

While the vote cannot cancel Brexit, it gives the government more authority over the specific terms of any deal that the Prime Minister strikes with the EU.

If May fails to get enough MPs to support her deal, the United Kingdom will crash out of the EU with no terms agreed.

Therefore she must pander to politicians across the political spectrum, as opposed to solely her own Conservative party.

As the Prime Minister arrived in Brussels today she said the UK is still ‘on course to deliver on Brexit’ despite the legislation.

However, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn commented that it was a ‘humiliating loss of authority’ for May.


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