IT is one of the most common sights while boarding planes at Palma airport.

Even Ryanair knows the importance of Ensaimadas

Now airline Ryanair has agreed to allow passengers to take a box of ‘ensaimada’ tart on top of their normal hand luggage when flying from Mallorca.

This comes despite the airline recently tightening its cabin bag rules, only allowing one small bag, unless passengers have paid for priority boarding.

The centuries-old local delicacy made from pastry and powdered sugar is deemed one of the very few European exceptions.

The price of checking in a suitcase has dropped from €35 to €25 with the weight allowance going up from 15 to 20kgs.

The changes have led to Spain’s air traffic users body ASETRA to ask passengers to boycott Ryanair, which is says is ‘looting’ customers with a new stealth fee.

It claims they are not legal and are unfair with the airline dominating many local routes.

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