Credit: The Sun/Tracey Edwardson: Tracey with children, Madison and Jack, with creepy hand (circled)

A BRITISH tourist is convinced a ghost photobombed her pictures during a holiday to Spain.

The mum-of-three was left in shock after she noticed mysterious goings on in the background of her holiday snaps, The Sun reported.

Tracey Edwardson, 45, had returned from a trip to Salou with her family in 2015 when she spotted a creepy hand behind her daughter, Madison, in one of the photos.

Another shows a strange head of hair in the background of a selfie.

She told The Sun Online: “We didn’t see anything at the time, but there were some really weird things happening on that holiday.

Credit: The Sun/Tracey Edwardson: Daughter Madison and friend, with unexplained silhouette in the background (circled)






“It wasn’t until my sister was uploading the photographs that we could see a silhouette in the background and then we saw the picture of the hand.

“You can actually see that Madison had false nails on, but the extra hand had no nails at all – it is just bizarre.

“Everyone I’ve shown the picture to has tried to bend their arm back – but you just can’t do it.”

Tracey claims the whole holiday was haunted by unexplained events, such as hearing whispers and the doorbell ringing.

But when the family went to check – there was no one there.

She added: “I’m convinced it was a ghost, along with the other things that were happening.

“I definitely believe in ghosts. I’ve encountered some really strange things in my time.”

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