FILMMAKER: Paul Murphy

A BRITISH filmmaker is creating a documentary about abandoned dogs in Andalucia and he needs your help.

Londoner Paul Murphy was compelled to make the film after he drove 1,600 miles to the town of Los Barrios to adopt a stray, sick dog which had been rescued by a local shelter.

But nothing could prepare him for the shocking amount of abandoned animals he found at the dog pound.

Dogland follows the lives of a group of volunteers who took control of the shelter, where dogs would previously be killed if unclaimed within 10 days.

After working relentlessly to turn the pound into a sanctuary, disaster struck.

The Los Barrios shelter was flooded in December 2016 and all animals were evacuated and held in a bullring.

Now Murphy is looking for mobile film footage of the floods and dogs being rescued to include in the documentary.

Anyone with footage is urged to contact

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