TIRED of being surprised by the high cost of your medical bills?

If you keep finding yourself slapped with big invoices, look no further than Customedic Salud in Malaga, which can save you more than 50%.

For just €89 a year, clients can insure up to four relatives on Customedic’s family card, which can be used at 420 different medical centres across Andalucia.

“Expat clients have been really happy because it’s a first class service for a very low price,” said director Jose Antonio Custodio, “there are no surprises, everything is covered with a prearranged, fixed cost.

“Instead of paying €100 for an appointment, with the health card clients will pay only €29. All they have to do is show their card at one of our clinics. It’s simple.”

General medicine, which would usually cost around €50 costs only €18, while a simple dentist appointment will set you back just €10 instead of €40.

Providing expats and locals alike with top quality health insurance for the past 10 years, the company boasts a network of 2,975 healthcare professionals.

Clients can search for medical clinics by area using a search tool on the Customedic Salud website, where they can book an appointment.

“The majority of private medical insurance companies are very expensive, with this card you are always going to save money.

“It’s also worth it for UK families who come on holiday to Andalucia every year. It costs less than taking out holiday insurance every time you travel,” added Jose Antonio.

Signing up to Customedic Salud’s health card takes just 10 minutes by filling out an online form, with services in English and Spanish.

For further information visit www.customedicsalud.com/en or call 952 614 311.

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