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OPINION: Is fake news plaguing Mijas?

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‘FAKE NEWS’: Plaguing Mijas

I THINK it is time for a simple resume of what’s been happening in Mijas over the last few weeks.

According to the ‘Mijas Mouthpiece’ otherwise known as the Mijas Semanal all is well at the mill, and there are photos to prove it – lots of photos, in fact, and very little else.

This is what you won’t read in the Mijas Mouthpiece. Not sure I can fit everything in to one article, but here goes!

Since the end of 2016 there has been a concerted campaign to get Angel Nozal off the political scene with phantom charges brought against him and several of his councillors. It should be noted, none of these relate to corruption, but to administrative irregularities which Ciudadanos claim have been committed. The papers were happy to pronounce Nozal’s ‘guilt’, but what they have repeatedly failed to mention is that already three of these cases have gone to court and been thrown out, with costs awarded to the ‘accusers’.

One of the accusations claimed he used public funds to concrete some rural roads. Nozal’s logic was that if there are wildfires, fire engines and possibly ambulances need decent access. Now the current Mijas government has announced that it plans to put ‘just a little bit’ of concrete on some rural roads to help with areas liable to flooding. Enough said.

It is also interesting that the party which claimed transparency and was ‘anti-corruption’ has come bottom of the league table in transparency twice now and has failed to submit the municipal accounts for the last three years.

Sticking with transparency for a moment, I must admit to a certain Schadenfreude, you know, when you laugh at someone slipping on a banana skin, when the urban planning councillor (Ruiz Leon) shot his lord and master cleanly in both feet at a recent council meeting. Let me explain.

The Youth Association has been looking for premises for a youth centre for some time. Recently the old Mijas fire station was returned to Mijas Council ownership. They asked if they might have these premises to set up a youth centre. Ruiz Leon said that the building was dangerous and may have to be demolished. That was a ‘No!’

Opposition councillor Mario Bravo then produced several photos and asked why the Council has recently built a ramp inside the building if it was to be demolished. He then asked why the mayor and his socialist sidekick had attended a dinner for a hundred or so residents in the said building, clearly putting all their lives at risk. Do you think maybe they had already promised the fire station to another group on the quiet? Only asking!

Just to finish off – a bit of fake news. The Mijas Panoramic Lift, otherwise known as the largest display cabinet on the Costa del Sol, isn’t working again. Maldonado has allegedly called in NASA to solve the problem.

They have worked out how to get people up and assure us that they are working on how to get them down again.

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