THE Sanchez del Rio family have been working on the slopes for well over five decades.

First in Australia and more recently in Spain their company Riosport has been ahead of the game in terms of quality of equipment and expertise.

Set up originally by Alfonso and wife Joan in the Sierra Nevada in 1988, the business is now run by son Philip, 41, while brother Alexander is regularly found on the slopes too.

Based out of two locations, both just yards from the main ski-lifts, they have cleverly cornered the expat and foreign market that makes up around 20% of the resort’s clientele.

“Around 70% of our clients are foreign and probably about half of those British and Irish,” explains Philip, who loves his job, particularly as he gets to ski almost every lunchtime.

“I put our success with expats down to giving good service and offering good quality products,” he continues.

“We were also the first expat business here, now open for 30 years, so that counts for a lot,” he adds.

The company, which has around 20 staff, including teachers, particularly specialises in the quality of its boots.

Indeed, Riosport is one of only a few dozen places in the world where you can get the top quality, personalised Strolz make of ski boots and a specialist Fischer machine fits your feet.

Custom-fitted for the most tricky customers, they almost guarantee not to give you pain. “They are perfect for any foot,” he explains.

A huge expensive refit of the main shop has made it one of the most modern-looking in the resort.


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