HORROR: The hole the boy fell down is inaccessible to rescuers (PHOTO: CEN)

GUARDIA Civil have found the DNA of little Julen who fell down a well in Malaga on Sunday. 

The find has led Malaga councillor Maria Gamez to insist that the boy is inside the cavity rescuers are desperately trying to reach.

It comes after a drilling expert yesterday claimed it would be ‘almost impossible’ for the two-year-old to have fallen down the well.

Sources close to the investigation have confirmed that tests have been carried out on earth from deep inside the hole which came back as a positive match for Julen.

The DNA is ‘most likely hair’, they said.

WRONG: Francisco said yesterday it was almost ‘impossible’ for Julen to have fallen through the hole

“The analyses coincide and confirm that the little one is in the well,” Gamez said.

Rescuers are currently drilling horizontally to try and reach the boy.

More to follow…

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