HEARTBREAKING: Mum and dad of Julen are being assisted by psychologists after the body of their son, 2, was found this morning

A ROUTINE autopsy is currently underway after the desperate mission to rescue little Julen Rossello ended in tragedy this morning. 

The lifeless body of the two-year-old was found by Guardia Civil at around 1.30am after a crack team of eight Asturian miners spent more than 31 hours digging to reach the tot.

After the horror find was confirmed, the parents, Jose Rosello and Vicky Maria Garcia, who were staying in a local’s home in Totalan, were first to be notified.

“Not again, not again!” the tragic couple were heard screaming, in reference to their other son Oliver, who died from complications with a heart defect in 2017, aged just three.

TRAGIC END: But the 13-day rescue operation was a heroic effort

Authorities sent more staff to the home as emotions and tensions ran high.

It came after the father had to be treated for a panic attack as the search reached its final hours late last night.

Julen’s body was taken to the Institute of Legal Medicine in Malaga at around 4.30am, where the autopsy is being performed.

Meanwhile, the heartbroken parents have been taken to a funeral home next to the cemetery in El Palo, their hometown.

Dozens of neighbours have gathered outside, including Malaga mayor Francisco de la Torre.

The team of psychologists who were helping the couple and family last night have also accompanied them to the funeral home, which is located just a few dozen metres from the family home in Las Protegidas.

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