BRITAIN has been offered an extension to Brexit up until May 22, but only if Theresa May’s withdrawal deal gains the support of Parliament on a third meaningful vote next Tuesday.

If May fails to secure MPs approval, the EU yesterday offered an extension only up until April 12 after eight hours of intense debate.

The two intervening weeks will be a period for May to make plans that would avoid a no-deal Brexit, which the House of Commons voted against last week.

EU Council president Donald Tusk said he expected the ‘‘United Kingdom to indicate a way forward,” meaning that culpability of leaving without a deal would fall upon Britain.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said to reporters in Brussels: “We are at a critical moment in European construction. History will judge the events of the coming weeks.

“Spanish citizens in the UK and British citizens in Spain must know that the the Spanish government is ready for a disorderly exit.”

He added that a disorderly exit was not the preferred outcome, but added that negotiations now ‘depend on the British government’.

The meaningful vote next Tuesday will be the third time May’s draft withdrawal deal has been put before MPs.

It was previously rejected on January 15 by 432 votes to 202.

The second meaningful vote took place on March 12, and was voted down by 391 to 242.

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