Juan Manuel Moreno
POWER: Juan Manuel Moreno the new president of Andalucia

RESIDENTS in Andalucia are set to pay less income tax under new Junta laws.

Despite claims that a drop will impact social services, leader Juan Manuel Moreno will introduce the ‘fiscal revolution’ this year.

As part of a three year plan, the Junta aims to lessen the tax burden on both the lowest and highest earners.

“It is a massive drop in taxes and as long as another government doesn’t repeal what we are doing, we will lower taxes every year so that from 2019 to 2022 we have the same taxation as Madrid,” he said.

Currently workers in Madrid pay between 9% and 21% income tax depending on how much they earn.

The lowest earners in Andalucia pay 10% while people earning above €120,000 per year pay 25.5%.

Moreno said reducing the gap will benefit families and attract investment.

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