BARGAIN: Banger Simon is driving to Spain

A LIVERPOOL fan has bagged an old banger for just €45 to get to Madrid after refusing to pay out for expensive flights.

Youtuber Simon Wilson, has decided to drive the Skoda down to Madrid after he got a ticket to the final through his season ticket.

Simon has claimed a flight would have set him back around €900.

“I rang up my brother, Ben Wilson, and asked him how much was the cheapest car we could get.

“When he told me I was like ‘just buy it now, we will worry about it afterwards’,” explained Simon.

RESOURCEFUL: Simon about to embark on the road trip

The Liverpool fan has only just set out on the road trip but is already experiencing engine trouble.

Simon said: “Worst case scenario we will jump on the train and make it happen – there’s no way I won’t be there.”

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