LUXURY: Puerto Banus as seen from the Sky Lounge bar

LUXURY brands have not lost their confidence in upmarket resort Puerto Banus. 

It comes as Hermes is set to reopen its new store in the Marbella hotspot while Fendi also set to arrive next year. 

Dolce & Gabbana has also invested in new space in the resort and Versace will reopen there this month. 

D&G’s flagship store will arrive in autumn and will be one of two in Spain.

The port was first opened in 1970 and has built one of the largest concentrations of designer and luxury brands in Europe. 

Fendi, an iconic Italian brand known for launching El Baguette, the first bag in history with more than six hundred versions, will join the exclusive selection of stores in 2020. 

In a commitment to keeping Banus’ Andalucian feel, every store must have white facades and use only white or cream colours for their awnings while leaving the pavements untouched.

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