A BRITISH couple who were caring for an elderly pair have been given four years in jail after an Alicante court found they had ‘fraudulently’ gained €270,000.

The judge said the elderly pair – both now passed away – had become ‘totally dependent’ on their carers.

The Brits, 51 and 67, ‘took advantage’ of this trust to transfer €385,902 to their personal bank accounts.

A sum of €116.680 was justified to remain with the convicted as their salaries.

The court then sentenced the British pair to four years in prison and a demand to repay just €166.332 to the family of the deceased.

But the remaining €102,890 of pilfered cash could ‘not be verified’ as the transfers were made via credit card in small amounts between ‘100 and 600 euros’.

SENTENCED: The trial was heard at the Audience of Alicante, in a trial that began in March

The crimes were committed between the end of 2011 and July 2013

In 2013, the elderly wife passed away, meanwhile her husband suffered with Parkinson’s and cerebral arteriosclerosis that left him at times ‘incapacitated and with lapses in memory’, according to the public prosecutor.

The British pair – named only as B.S.S. and J.M.S. – showed no remorse however in arguing that the deceased’s family had agreed to hand over the whopping sum.

The son of the elderly pair – who’s family name is Van Dogen – testified in court that he ‘could not corroborate this version of events’.

The sentence concluded that the convicted had used the money for their ‘own benefit’.

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