CRUNCH TIME: For Pedro Sanchez

PEDRO Sanchez has revealed he will once again try to win the backing of Unidas Podemos in a bid to form a government and avoid another general election. 

The acting prime minister of Spain said he will lay out plans on Tuesday (tomorrow) which he hopes will convince the far-left grouping to support him.

It comes after Sanchez’s PSOE won the most seats in April’s national elections, but fell short of attaining the absolute majority needed to form a government.

Sanchez has since failed twice to be confirmed as the PM by parliament and now has until September 23 to win its approval.

If he fails again, a new ballot will be called for November 10.

Sanchez told El Pais: “We will present a programme to the people and, in particular, to Unidas Podemos in order to be able to find that necessary support so that the legislature can start.”

Pablo Iglesias

It comes after his Socialist Party rejected a reworked Podemos’ offer to form a coalition government last week, saying it could not trust such a partner in an administration.

It comes as the latest Sigma Dos poll by El Mundo shows 55% of Spain want the PSOE and Unidas Podemos to work out a deal while a La Razon poll found 48.4% of the country do not want another election.

Sanchez also seemed confident of winning a new vote while yet again calling for the People’s Party and centre-right Ciudadanos to abstain and allow him to form a government.

He said: “If in the end we have to go to the polls on November 10 (..) I am convinced that the progressives of this country are going to bet more strongly on the Socialist Party.”

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  1. The nerve of the guy! He wants (NEEDS) the support of podemos but “doesn’t trust them as partners”. He offers them crap jobs with no power and expects their compliance. Someone should take him aside and gently explain the facts of political life.

    Location : malaga

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